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1. “Planning!”, Yeah, you read it right.


Not just planning but also executing your plan is  very important for  starting your Acting career. As said, “Preparation is the only road to success” so you must prepare yourself before getting into acting career.

Now the question is, how would you prepare yourself?

Well! Acting doesn’t come from a learning school but it comes with a flame of passion that burns inside you. It is to keep this flame burning, You will have to prepare yourself mentally and physically.

An artist; specifically an actor needs to prepare in such a way that his physicality doesn’t become a hindrance to his performance but rather compliments it. Like rigidity can cost you a lot, so go flexible with your approach. It is better to have a free body language rather than the stiff one same goes with a rigid mindset.

Also, if we talk about mental preparation; there are few things you must consider before stepping in. Ask yourself a few questions!
Why “Acting”? (It might sound cliché but in actual it is the most fundamental question)
Why are you stepping in?
Are you really passionate about Acting?
Is your choice just an infatuation or is it a dream that you live for?

The above-mentioned questions matter a lot because the motive determines how long you will stay dedicated to this career.

2. Learning the right skill set.

Another very important mental prep will be learning the right skills needed for that point of time. The reason for mentioning ‘time’ here is, as “you have to polish the pair of shoes to make them look new”, similarly you need to polish your skill set to make it look the best and the shiniest one.
Polishing in this era would refer to technological know-how. Technology is moving at the speed of the wind. Mindsets and perspectives are changing. So,
Upgradation and versatility is required in acting too. You can’t stick to some traditional techniques, “update yourself or you’re out!” Cope with the changes or you will disappear. You can be rigid with your techniques and risk falling short on the expectations of the public.

Here is Top 5 Acting Schools in India.

3. Train yourself like a Professional.

When it comes to professionalism, it becomes really important to imbibe it not just in acting but in every field you choose. It helps you a lot because, ‘the way you do anything , is the way you do everything.’

Being professional not just includes talking very firmly and formally, rather it just means sorted punctuality towards your work. Specifically, if you are an actor; punctuality is always appreciated because the whole crew is in sync because actor is a major part of the crew. Let’s say if you are not there on the call time, people in the crew will be waiting just for you in order to proceed the work and that’s something which is not tolerated in this industry at all. Moreover, you should always be humble and grateful to each and everyone out there, it helps in creating contacts and good professional portraiture.which will definitely in your future acting career

4.Start learning to accept success and failure, because both will shower in a profound manner.

Remember that, Selection and rejection are inevitable parts of your journey.
Initially you might get a lot of rejections so don’t get demotivated, (this is just to give you a heads up). These rejections; might not be based on your performance or on your looks because many a time the casting director says “No” because your looks don’t go with the character they are searching for.

So don’t be disappointed, be ready for everything that’s on your way, be open to it and accept it just to improve at it. It will surely help you in going on and will give you a better understating of your “Type” of character or role. Gradually you will get a clearer sense of this and you will start carefully calibrating the role to your height, screen age, voice, expressive qualities, and facial features.

Remember that “your best teacher is your last mistake”. Accept rejections and criticism in a positive way as it can turn your failure into success.

5. Learning never ends in the whole acting career

For an artist, learning is a continuous process.
The more you learn; the more you will have and this will compel you to learn even more. You will have to keep learning because this brings growth in life. Not just this, it also helps you to perform better. No matter how far you have come but there is always a lot more for you to learn. Be open to everything because as it is said: “Learning never ends.”

6. Look for a doorway that suites you the best.

You have to decide on the doorway, which would lead you to where you want to begin. At this point, consider all the factors like: Financial aspects, personal conditions, the location of the work conditions and Availability of resources.

For e.g. If you are a beginner, you have to develop the craft, learn the required acting skills that you need to perform so you can decide where to begin from. If you don’t have any access to acting institutes in your region then you can look for theatre groups nearby and start by joining them, if that is also not possible then there is lot of content available on internet from where you can start learning definitely

what is Conditioning and it’s impacts in Acting?

Get out of the traditional belief that actors are birth-born! “No actor is a birth born actor every single skill can be learned”




और फिर सोचते ही मत रह जाओ





and then don’t just keep thinking.


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