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1. Boosting the weak emotions.

The one thing that you must do instead of killing your time these days, I must tell you that you not getting any better opportunity than this, why so? because you must understand few things one is that you have enormous free time by your side to work upon the skills and yourself and the other thing is that when you are constantly involved in emoting the emotions as an artist.
The limited emotions not only get suppressed over time but you as an actor also tend to start choosing the emotions that you are strong and confident with which ultimately makes you less and less capable of doing the emotions that you are not strong with, which is not all good for an great actor, an great actor needs to be able to play wide variety of emotions. It’s a great time for you to work on the weaker side of you as an artist and come out with a great sense of confidence and versatility within you.

Here is a article which will help you to boost your emotional range: 3 simple exercise to boost your range of emotions.

2. Getting better with the Voice Projection.

To make any scene look more compelling and fascinating you can always take the aid of your voice. Great actors are also known for their amazing voice projection talents. Imagine playing a movie scene on television without any voice to it or even a plain voice without any modulations. How disturbing and boring it’ll be to watch it even for a few minutes unless it’s a mime act. 

By “Good Voice” here I don’t mean to the state having a bassy and deep-toned voice, by a good voice I mean to say you must know how to make appropriate modulations in your voice projection (You can’t go on taking in a deep-toned voice even in a normal day-to-day talk scene it’ll look very fake on a screen), How to project a speech clearly and How to balance your tempo according to the scene there are many other factors to it but these are the very basic ones that you must know. 

Here is a list of Vocal exercise that you can do at your home: Try These Exercises At Home For Better Voice Projection.

3. Practice Breathing Exercise/ Yoga.

Yoga/Meditation for Actors
Yoga/Meditation for Actors

Have you ever noticed that our breathing pattern changes for every different emotion that we are feeling within for e.g when you are angry you start breathing differently than when you are happy and relaxed? This shows how our breathing pattern is closely associated with our emotions.
Who doesn’t know that meditation/yoga has immense health and spiritual benefits, but it can help you grow as a prominent actor as well! Use this time to learn at least a few basic breathing exercises, Google and YouTube can be a great source for learning it, please let us know if you want us to come up with some detailed yoga and meditation techniques for actors.

4. Script Reading Skill

Script Reading is a skill that most of the budding actors think is only practiced by the established actors to began with their project, some even do not consider it to be a skill set.
I want you to not just understand it but experimentally try it out for yourself began with reading some of the scripts of some great movies you can Google Search it as many of them are available on the internet.
Now Coming to the point of why is it necessary for an actor to practice script reading? To begin with, it provides you a deep insight into what goes behind the camera as it includes various important terms of a scene like the location, dialogues(text), mood(Sub-text), Props included, dialogues of your co-actors, etc. Script reading opens up a different horizon with a new sense of understanding of the emotions and craft that is required to perform it well.

5. Read Plays and Literature

Reading Plays and Literature
Reading Plays and Literature

It is the most underestimated skill that is only practiced by only a few extraordinary actors these days. Reading Plays/ Literature helps actors grow their craft in many different ways let it be the understanding of the scene, understanding one’s craft, getting aware of the director’s perception towards the scene and many other various factors.

You can start by reading any play or piece of literature in any of the languages that you are comfortable eventually you’ll notice the immense changes that it brings in the thought process of yours as an artist it’ll widen up your imagination capabilities which is a great tool for an actor.
Happy Reading!

6. Come out Physically better.

Workouts for actors

Who doesn’t like to be healthy and strong and when it comes to the domain that you are in/want to be in, definitely requires good looks and a great physique up to some extent. It also provides you a great confidence boost to face the camera or go out for an audition or even if it’s just about taking a great shot to send it to the casting person.
You can choose to work out on your physique and turn this lockdown period into a productive and uplifting one, all you need is the right set of exercises and some motivation to do so. Make sure you don’t lose your flexibility please involve some stretching and exercises to enhance it as we have already talked about why a rigid body is not good for an actors.


We wish you all the very best!

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