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Whether you accept or not, the fear of facing the camera (notably when you know that people at large will be going to watch you) is present within all of us. No matter how confident you’re? You will always hesitate to be in front of the camera. However, we must thank Apps like TikTok which make it very casual to record videos with Selfie camera and post them.So, we can say that the intensity of fear for facing the camera is not that high.



Today with high-end and latest Smartphones, it’s quite easy to record a perfect self  tape at home. And we’re sure that this piece will definitely help you out with the one.



8 Tips For Recording A Perfect Self Tape At Home



A Well Lit up home. Bombay Actors Guide


A Well Lit up home.



So, you’ve got a chance to appear in the audition or are preparing for the one, right? Well, with all our best wishes, we’ve come up with some pro tips to face the camera and record the perfect Audition video at home. We don’t want you to miss any one of them.





Get Familiar With Technical Aspects Prior Recording while making a self tape for audition



First and foremost, you should acquaint yourself with some technical aspects and terminology. Well, it’s not so tough task to do. You must have a smartphone (As we assume) and internet-connected on it.

 Simply browse on the internet for finding the prerequisites to shoot the best videos at home. To get into the formal discussion, you must know the basic terms and ideas used in the industry.

  Knowing a few general technical aspects is good. Of course, we didn’t mean to take a course on it.



Not so Pro tip- If you are not a pro on it put the camera in Auto mode and let it do the job.



Choose A Well-Lighted Space



Where you’re shooting your self tape, matters a lot. You should showcase your talent with sufficient light (Natural or artificial).

 Even in professional shooting different light arrangement is used to reflect different moods and emotions in a scence.

 A well-lit space takes the video quality at the next level. Make sure you don’t overdo it. Don’t make the light harsh on the face or any other spot just make the whole space lit up and light spread all over the space where you are going to record your audition tape.



The juggad tip- Use a LED Light/Strip and use butter paper to disperse the light.





Background Matters



Yeah! For shooting a perfect audition tape, you can’t miss even left a single loophole. Usually, people ignore the background selection but it matters a lot. 

A right background gives your impression correct. You must have heard about “The first impression is the last impression”! Chose a plain background keeping your costume in mind.

 A plain light-colored background is always a better choice to record an audition video fundamentally it helps the viewer(Casting Director in this case) in avoiding distraction from the subject.



Pro Tip- Get a Plain Coloured(Green/Bue) Big piece of clothe/curtain and stick it on the wall where you are going to shoot.



Don’t Take Costume For Granted



A Man in a Plain White Shirt.


A Man in White Shirt.



Pick the perfect outfit that matches with your role and character in the script. The selection of colors, costumer, and makeup collectively turns your video worth watching.

 You should also see that the costume and color you have selected, suits on the characters or not.



Pro Tip- Avoid wearing plain white or black color while shooting for an audition tape. 

Most of the Casting Directors don’t preffer it here for there own reasons at least here in bollywood.



Choose The Right Camera



The camera is the hero for shooting any video. So, it is very important to discuss. Although there are high performing camera phones available (most of you might have the one), although the professional camera can’t be replaced with any cell phone.

 We won’t say that you should get the new camera for shooting your Audition tape (however, if it fits into your pocket, you can go for it) but make sure that your smartphone camera can shoot on at least a good quality 720p video at least or just borrow one for half an hour it’ll surely help a lot.



Check The Sound & Audio Quality



Sound is like a soul without which even the best-recorded video seems useless. Sound adds life to your tape. Hence, it is much needed that you must check the quality of the audio and sound recording. 

Check well the audio settings make sure it’s not too loud neither too low.

 Pay attention to the placement of your camera figure out how far you are from the camera and accordingly adjust your voice. Record some mock videos to figure it out before going for the final one.



Focus on The Script



The script is the key and you can’t take it for granted. The script you are working on should be engaging and interesting. 

Make sure the script on which your video is based should not be based on an idea which is already pursued. 

Always try to bring something new on the screen so that it may keep you out of the crowd.



Here is the Tip- Don’t try to act scenes from Bollywood movies believe me it’s the biggest disappointment to a casting director as he is always looking for something new.

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Position of the Camera



Last but not least is the position and angle formed by your camera. Same shot differs in quality just because of the wrong placement of the camera. 

You may also try from a different perspective and decide which gives the best result that exhibits the best of your side(Only If the casting director allows you to shot the video differently).

 Usually, the audition tape is shot in mid-shot (frame in which your half body is in the frame and the main focus point is your facial expressions) and full shoot( Full body movements are captured in this body gestures also play a major role in this).

 Never ever record a audition clip from a selfie camera untill and unless it is specifically demaned by the



Before we end here is Bonus Tip:-



To beat the rat race out there you can do something extra for that extra point but make sure you never overdo it just for those extra points. 

Try adding simple small props into your act it’ll help you to beat the nervousness and top of that your creativity can find expression try using the prop to potrey the story even better.



Wrap Up



So, these were some tips which you must take into consideration before deciding to record your self tape. We are sure it will help you a lot and suggest the right direction for all those who are clueless. Good Luck!






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