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what is your range of emotions?


Have you ever noticed while performing or rehearsing a scene no matter how deeply you are feeling an emotion but there comes a time when you can no more heighten that feeling or emotion? The intensity of expression varies for different emotions and these emotions can be different for different people. Some can do a sad scene very intensely on the same hand one may find difficulties after an extent.

Before getting into the actual exercise you must know Why one can’t intensify the emotion after a certain limit? 

One aspect of this is lack of experience of that particular emotion the person might not have experienced that emotion in real life. If you have never experienced anything horror in your life than it might be a possibility that as an actor you may find it difficult to feel emotions like horror, feared, frightened or something similar.

This simple exercise will help you to heighten your existing range of emotions to a great extent i.e. your ability to feel an emotion.
This exercise may sound quite bizarre to some of you but believe me, you’ll be surprised by the outcome. Basically, you have to change the way you watch a movie or you have to introduce this new method of watching movies.

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1. Choose a Movie to watch

Pick a movie from the genre related to the emotion that you wanna work on. For e.g.- if you face difficulties in performing horror scene that pick some best horror movies to watch.

2. Ambiance is must

Now that you are done selecting a movie to watch setup a right ambiance it’s a very basic ambiance irrespective of what movie you are watching it’ll remain the same.

  • Make sure there is minimum or zero lighting to maintain your focus just on the screen. That’s why lights in movie theatres are turned off.
  • Watch it alone.

3. “NO Resistance”

Now the main part is implementing the new method called “no resistance” to watch movies.

Leave yourself totally free to react to each and everything while watching the movie. Don’t fake the reactions let it happen on its own. Whenever you feel like reacting anything just do it without even giving it a thought, react as it’s happening to you in real. Watching it alone is preferred because it will make sure you react freely without having thought of getting judged by others.

Now while you are reacting consciously put some efforts to heighten up the felling/emotions within you make a little push to intensify those feelings and reactions. Don’t put your judgemental mind in between the process if you feel like screaming, crying, laughing or whatsoever just do that.

It’ll open you up and most importantly it will help you in building up your range of emotions to another level. Just try this method out and make sure to leave the review and if you still have any doubt feel free to contact us.



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