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This simple 3 step exercise will sure you are free from any sort of tension or stiffness in your body. You can perform this exercise anywhere, anytime. No matter whether you are going for an audition or a business meeting free from stiffness and any sort of tension is always helpful to perform better.

here is stress management techniques which will surely work


list of stress management techniques for audtions 

Step 1-Breathe in and  clench your whole body. Cover every single muscle including your facial muscles and hold it for 30 counts.

Step 2- Start releasing the pressure from bottom to top. Cover every single part of your body but only one at a time. Start from your toes and end it on the tip of your head. Pay full attention to the muscle while you are releasing the pressure.

Step3- Shake off your body and let all the tension and stiffness go away.


this was all about stress management techniques for auditions

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