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Acting is the most fascinating job ever one can think of but that’s not the complete picture of an actor’s world. An actor’s life is not always as exciting as it seems to the audience. Actors do go through things in their day to day life and just like everyone they do need that extra push every time they are stuck at some point in their life.

Notably for the newcomers, not getting the right role for a long time is quite demoralizing. There comes the role of self-help and self motivation. If that ever happens to you as an actor, know that no one can’t judge you. Keep reminding yourself that you are an actor and one day the world recognizes & appreciates your talent.

Self-motivation is much needed in such a disheartening situation. You have to ignite the fire in you that keeps you moving no matter what the situation is. Just keep all the worries, fears, and doubts out of the window and get in the confidence, motivation, and skills in the house.

To keep yourself motivated even when you don’t get any project for long or you know you have that guts for being a superstar actor but you are not noticed, don’t keep the option of giving up. To get over all the setbacks, the only best thing is to keep motivating yourself and keep alive the belief that soon you will get that “Big Break” you are longing for.

Networking & Staying Active will help you being Self-Motivated.

Always keep doing something that takes you closer to your goals. Don’t feel lost. Stay active and try something doing innovative and creative.

Keep talking with people and discussing things. Don’t stop acting, keep learning new things and practicing your acting skills. Expand your network. Attend Bollywood events, casting events, workshops, acting classes, film festivals, and approach casting team. Try to get engaged in activities and events which expand your network.

Your activeness itself works as a motivational booster. More the people in your network, more the opportunities on your door.

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Step Out Every day Don’t Sit Idle

It has been said that An idle mind is the home of the devil. Step out of the home and meet people preferably new people who are relevant to your field. This freshens up your mind, builds your network and gives you ways to tackle the circumstances/problems that you are stuck in. 

All the depression and negativity will be wiped out automatically and you will focus more on your craft and skills. 

While on the other hand, if you sit idle at home, you may waste your time counting your failures. The more you dig deeper in anything the deeper and notable it gets, so it’s always a good option not to get in the trap(You already know which is what)

Keep Reminding Yourself of Your Goals

This is the very important and most effective idea of self-motivation. Time and again, you should remind yourself what are your goals and you have to achieve them no matter what. If you forget your goals, you will be directionless and lead nowhere in your personal and professional acting life. 

Being an actor, set goals and work towards achieving them despite failures and hurdles on your way.

Write your goals on the wall straight to your bed. So, that every morning when you wake up, you see your goals written in front of you. This never let down your zeal of being a great actor. 

Watch & Listen to Motivational Stuff

Not just for actors, this technique is effective to alive the motivation for all. Instead of getting lost into the darkness of depression, it’s would work like fire, if you listen to songs and watch motivational movies. In Bollywood, only there is a lot of movies, that keep you motivated all times. Recently I finished watching “Mission Mangal”, which motivates you to believe that nothing is impossible. There are a lot of such movies you can watch.

Similarly, fill your phone and music player with songs that inspire you to do great things. Another benefit of listening to songs and watching motivational movies is that you can get to know the latest trends in the film industry. This helps you in an acting career as well.

Visualize Your Goals

Reminding yourself about how you have started and what motivated you to be an actor, spark that fire again in you. Visualize your dreams and the time when you achieve it. 

Visualize like it’s already yours all the fame, appreciations, awards, money and everything feel like it’s already yours. This will not only enhance your imagination power and believability as an actor but it also works for many these techniques are suggested in the Law of attraction. 

You are in an acting field, so, you can visualize how you feel like a superstar. Dream with open eyes, your fan following and the audience’s love for you. This won’t let you feel depressed and demoralize instead it stroke the zeal to achieve your goals, no matter what.

Read Biographies of Successful People

We all have ideas that inspire us to achieve our goals in life. Read about your ideal and other icons in your field. You can also read about people who achieved success in other fields. This motivates you a lot. You will get to know how they overcome their hardships and become what they are today.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui- An Ordinary Life
Nawazuddin Siddiqui- An Ordinary Life

You also get to know how they find ways out of the storms in life. This also helps you to make positive efforts in your acting and start fresh to become an actor. Walking in the footsteps of your ideal, you learn to face the reality of the acting world.

Keep Learning New Things

Yeah! Learning is a never-ending process. When you think, you have learned everything, you will fail. Never stop learning and acting is such a stream where the more you learn, the more you explore. Take acting classes, meet new people, explore online, and gather all the necessary stuff that may polish your acting skills.

Never Stop Learning- Law of Attraction
Never Stop Learning.

This way you won’t just come out of sadness and depression but also take a step towards achieving your acting goals. This helps in your acting skills as well as push your acting career.


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