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Hello, Movie geeks from Mumbai you must have been waiting for MAMI FILM FESTIVAL for a long time now and finally, now it’s here Commencing from 17th October 2019. 

Jio Mami Film Festival 2019
21st Mami Film Festival.

This article will be dedicated to the actors providing them detailed insights about the Mami Film Festival taking place at multiple venues across Mumbai City. It’s the 21st Edition of Jio Mami Film festival coming this Thursday 17th October to 24th October.

In this post, we will be covering all the fundamental aspects of this fest from the perspective of how a budding artist should approach this festival and take most out it.

What is Mami Film Festival?

Mumbai Academy of Moving Images(MAMI) is the trust which organizes this MAMI Film Festival Every Year, a less known fact about this trust is that Late Mr. Yash Chopra is a former trustee of Mami. It is one of the biggest film festivals in Mumbai showcasing 220 films from 49 countries and in 51 languages. 

How to Register for MAMI Film Festival?

You can register for the fest from BookMyshow.

There will be multiple categories you’ll be getting to choose from. 



Delegate: It is a common category that includes all the screenings.

Half Ticket: It is for the kids of age between 5-17 Years.

Press Accreditation: This category is free just for Journalists and press(It requires prior verification) 

Student: This Category is free for students but it includes some terms and conditions as well please go through them before booking.

For more detailed information, you can refer to the FAQ Section Available on the Booking Page.

Now Comes the main Points….

Why this fest?

As we have already discuses we are focusing on the part that how this fest will help actors.

As you already know this fest will be screening 220 films from all across the world in multiple languages there will be a wide variety of cinema available for you to watch and learn from it the wide variety of acting and film making techniques.

You’ll get to watch an extraordinary film making and performances. 

This festival is mostly loved by the actors, writers, filmmakers, producers because it helps them expand the horizon of their thought process. Watching and learning from Some of the best films in the world can be huge learning in itself. It’ll not only entertain you but will leave you even more evolved as an artist. 

How to Select Which Movie to Watch?

This might get a little critical for the first timers but not to worry you can always rely on the “Must Watch” list. 

There is an e-catalog available for you to download or read in which the whole description of movies are provided.
Mami Film Festival ecatalogue

You can do some research as well about the movies that are there in the list and finalize accordingly.

Actors can choose movies that are staring great actors learning from their subtle and powerful performances will help you grow as an actor.

Writers can choose movies from the genre they like the most this will expose them to the wide variety of stories and story plotting styles.

Directors are always engaged in learning and exploring the depth of the cinema from various aspects this fest is not less than any directional crash course for them they will anyhow make sure to get the most out of it.

Producers get a new sense of film production when they are exposed to some of the world-class cinema. It helps them try new things apart from the traditional cinema.

Networking for Actors

Other than the learning aspect there is another important aspect to it which you can’t miss if you want to make the most out these days and this fest.

Click here to know how important role networking plays in Actors Success.

In this fest, you’ll be crossing paths with lots of other Actors, Casting Persons, Directors, Film Makers, Media Person and every single person there can help you in some of the other ways in getting closer to your goal. Make sure you interact with people out there(If they are willing, do not poke someone) It’ll not only expand your network in the industry but you’ll get to know the industry and it’s working in more depth, you’ll get to know lots of stuff that you might be still unaware of.

Go through this Article it’ll make your learning and watching experience much better: Simple Excercise you boost your Emotional Range.

Make sure you make use of this great opportunity to network yourself Well. All the very best!

If you are having any queries about anything feel free to write it down to us will love to help you out with it.


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