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following are the tips to prepare for acting audition


1. Adjust with the lines

Be comfortable with your lines. If not then don’t temporize in approaching and asking the casting director about the change you want to make in the lines. You can be flexible with your lines as most of the casting directors will allow you to do that until and unless the meaning of the lines is not compromised.

2. Dress Appropriately

When it comes to dressing it’s the first impression without even uttering a word. When it comes about dressing for an audition you have to be precise about the choice you make. prepare for acting audition by dressing as per the requirements specified in the casting call. If there is nothing specified in the casting call then you can always go with the character’s dressing taste. For e.g.- if the audition is for a business C.E.O then you can reflect it by dressing up in formals. Favor wearing clothes on the side of lighter shade for general introductions. Make sure you always carry 2-3 pairs of different clothing with you.

3. Release any tension from the body and mind.

Before entering the auditioning room make sure you are free from every minor tension in your body and mind. There is always some kind of tension that you might be ignorant of but it does reflect in the audition.

There is a simple exercise which will help you out in releasing the tension- Click here

4. Memorize the lines

Click here to have a in depth information about the learning technique here- Click here.

5. Connect to the writer

It’s very important to build up reciprocity with the author you must be well aware of the motive of the lines from the perspective of the author as well.

Getting familiar with what the author wants to convey from the lines will help you in many ways to express yourself.

these were all tips to prepare for acting audition

make a great portfolio


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