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Hello Everyone, we are all set to introduce and guide you through our Audition Updates space where you can get all the latest audition updates/casting calls and can even update your casting requirements as well.

Before getting on how do to guide that let’s discuss a bit about it.

This audition section will help actors, models, singers and other artists to find out the opportunities. Here you will be updated with the latest auditions update happening around you in which all the details will be given. If you think you are fit into any of the requirements you can reach out to the concerned person through the details provided in the update itself.

For the casting persons who are having any requirements, you can post the requirements here for free without paying a single penny for anything.

Now let’s look into how you will do that. Here we will be guiding you step by step how to post a Audition Update.

Step 1: Go to Auditions Page

  • Type this address into the browser.

  • Or you can navigate from the navigation buttons on the top of the site.

Step2: Login

Login to Bombay Actors Guide

Click on the Login button and fill in the details 

(If not yet logged in then register for a new account)

Step3: Add New Audition Update

Submit a new Audition update

After login click on Submit listing


Step4: Fill in the details.

Fill all the details

Fill in all the essential details like:

Production name,


Requirements in Detail

Contact Details that you wanted to be reached on, etc.

Step 5: Post!

Sumbit and wait for the Approval

Submit the post and then wait for the team to review and approve.


Approval Terms:

  1. Don’t post any past date requirements will is already been done
  2. Don’t Post any fake requirements otherwise, the account will be permanently blocked.
  3. Actors Don’t Post your details here.
  4. Don’t forget to mention enough details about the audition/casting call that you are posting.

If you are still having any questions feel free to ask out. Just Click the button below to ask any question.

Dipanshu Chauhan

Dipanshu Chauhan

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