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Every day there are thousands of young boys and girls who depart from their home to Mumbai for becoming an actor but a few of them successfully achieve their dream. Well, the struggle of becoming an actor is never easy. There are hundreds of sleepless nights spent with an empty stomach on the roadside (If you’re a commoner and don’t have strong recommendations). For all those young lads and babes who dream to showcase their talent on the big screen, this article could help them bringing things to their perspective before they step into the acting world.

The only Failure is Not To Try

Acting Career In-depth

To be an actor, it is very important that you should know the acting career in-depth, to establish a shining career in this industry. So, let’s try to understand acting based on the below parameters.

Basics of Acting

To be a successful actor, you need an equal mixture of talent and practice with a little bit pinch of extra factors like your charm, luck and your network into it. Unlike earlier days (Or I should say, before such an easily accessible and affordable internet sensation) the scope of acting is now broadened. Earlier the options were limited, one can try acting in theaters, TV, or Films. But today there are many doors open. If you are a good actor, you can try making videos on YouTube and such other open video streaming content where you can easily showcase your skills .

So, basically acting is not just confined to movies and TV Shows. It could be anything from theaters to web series. The thing you need to make sure is you constantly work on your craft and skills that enhances you as an Actor.

What Does An Actor Do?

Although this is a very common we all know but as we want to have you a complete guide on acting, this is something important to answer. Actors have to basically portray the character given in the script. We can say that an actor is a role-playing personality who plays different roles in reel life.

NOTE – An actor should be able to play all types of roles, Comedy, action, serious, villain, romantic, emotion. Spontaneity and versatility is a must for which a true actor is known for. Dancing, good looks, charm, chiselled body are all the secondary factor which can make you the Best Actor.


Although, it is not necessary that you should be a graduate in acting course before entering Bollywood, yet it is good to gain some per-education on this subject.(There is basically no min. education required for you to be an Actor) There are many acting schools in India and outside India that you can join and learn the tactics of acting. Educating yourself in advance makes acting more interesting and easy for you.

It is observed that Actors who Train Themselves professionally as an Actor not only act better than other but they retain themselves in the industry even in the rough times for a much longer period as compared to other actors.

How Much an Actor Earns in India?

This is not so important but yet important question. Those who are really very passionate about acting and want to be an actor at any cost, they don’t bother about what they are going to earn this industry. However, that’s the undeniable fact that eventually money matters for all. You should know that how much a beginner earn in the acting industry and how it goes with time and popularity.

There is a huge variation in the pay scale of Actors mainly the budding or new Actors, but just to give you a idea will try to provide rough figures of how much they are paid for a day work. These figure are for per day TV Shoots.

  • Background Artists/ Junior Artists: 500-3000
  • Character Artist: 2000-12,000
  • Parallel Lead/Second Lead: 6,000-30,000
  • Third Lead: 5,000- 20,000
  • Lead: 15,000-50,000 (Goes up to Lakhs as Well)

What To Do Before You Step Into Acting Career?

Diving into the sea without knowing the depth might take you wheresoever but not where you wanted to go. The same rule applies here as well, If you are planning to step into the acting world, it is very important that you should know about the per-requisites of an acting career. We have done all the necessary research for you and listing things under the following sub-headings.

Train yourself as an Actor

How to be an Actor.

It is a common misconception about acting and actors that education doesn’t matter here. Yes, indeed we have many examples in Bollywood where a bus conductor (Rajnikant) and a chef (Akshay Kumar) have become a superstar. But that’s their story. You can’t just expect the same for you they have worked hard their way for it and you have work your way. So, it’s always good to take a proper education and training , if you want to land safely in the acting world. If talking about India only, there are many top-class acting institutes you can join, With proper education, you can act confidently and quickly takes off your acting career

Study The Nuts N Bolts of Acting & Its Types

Acting is not just about doing comedy, action, and romance in front of the camera. There are different types of acting say theater Method Acting, Classical Acting, Mime Acting, etc. It is advisable to check out all types of acting and the skills needed to be a good actor. Once you do that, it is also necessary to self-evaluate yourself that in which acting type you fit well.

Also, take into consideration your passion and interest. Don’t forget to identify the challenges because it’s the fact there is nothing without challenge and acting is also a challenging career. Move ahead only when you are satisfied and happy with your chosen type. After studying all the nuts and bolts of an acting career,

Craft Yourself (Physique, Voice, & Face)

It is quite obvious that if you are thinking of being an actor or actress, you should have a good and attractive Physique, powerful voice and impressive face. But Keep your Acting Craft to be to most priority learn, apply and practice everyday to enhance your craft. This is what an actor invest to raise his acting career.

NOTE: Develop your own craft take inspiration from other great actors but never try to copy them. This way you will end up just imitating them.

Learn Dance

There are many dance forms you can learn. To know more about the popular dance forms, read our related article on “Best Dance Form To Learn As An Actor”. If not all of them, you may learn most of them so as to fit into any character.

NOTE: Versatility is one of the best skill an can actor possess.

Build Up An Impressive Portfolio

Well instead of writing the same story again, we want you guys to read our detailed article in this context, already published on our blog. Here’s the link.

Grow your Industry Network & Stay Up to date

Outdated things have no place in this ever changing technology modern world. Things are changing with the blink of eyes and to stay ahead, you have to keep yourself up to date. Growing industry connections is the key to success in B-town. Plus, update with the latest trends in the industry, who is in and who is out, and grab the opportunity without fail.


To grow your network, you should never miss the chance to meet new people from your same domain. Try Being with them exchanging information about the industry and it’s functioning. It’ll provide you lot of valuable inputs that will surely help you at some point in your carrier.

How To Grab Your First Break

You must have heard that opportunity comes only once. So, you can’t miss it. Well, you have to be firm in your decision and wait for the right opportunity. Somebody has rightly said that “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” We believe that the opportunity is everywhere, the key is to develop the vision to see it.

Several times it happens that, people lose the chance which they convert into an opportunity. So, here we are guiding you on how to grab your first break in the acting industry.

Don’t just sit inside you room doing nothing, step up every single day and do whatever makes you even a inch closer to you goal

Stay Informed About On-going & Upcoming Auditions

This is the first and foremost thing you have to do. Once you have decided to be an actor, you have to keep an eye on all the on-going auditions. You can’t wait for the opportunity, you have to create it.

The major and biggest source of such updates is getting into the Whatsapp group that provide audition updates on daily basis there are both free and paid group available. Even Bombay Actor’s Guide have started providing free Audition Updates in it’s Audition Section now you can Make you of that as well. Click Here

Preparation For Auditions

Knowing about the auditions is not just enough. You have to do a complete preparation for auditions. Facing auditions without preparation will reduce the chances of you getting selected for other than that it’ll even make you disappointed as well. We have listed out some of the areas where you should focus before appearing for the auditions. You must check out those articles. Audition Guide.

If you new to facing the camera you must read this article i’m sure this will help you a lot. Read here


To be an actor takes a lot of pain, many sleepless nights, years of struggles unless you are a son or daughter of Kapoor’s, Bachchan’s or Khan. If you too want to be an actor and are looking for the right and proper guidance, hopefully this article resolves your purpose.

If you have any more questions or query, we would love to answer your doubts and curiosity. You can write to us in the comment box and we will get back to you ASAP. At last, just want to say that, “Where there is a will, there is a way”, so create your own ways to your destination.

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