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Are you new in Mumbai clueless and figuring out how does the casting game works? Seeking for the right place to knock the doors? 

Knowing the casting process will provide you a fair idea of how this industry works, how actors are hired, how production house seeks for the talent they require, how do the casting agents perform and much more.

So without any further ado let’s dive directly into it.

Let’s Understand the Casting process and what’s the role of a casting director. How does the whole thing function?

The casting process fundamentally includes selection round including activities like introductions, auditions and screen test.

Actors go through these selection process and the final choices done by the casting director is furthered to the client/producer for review.

Who is a casting director?

A Casting Director is the one who is committed to the selection process. Performing artists are needed for any performance irrespective of its platform let it be Television, Film, Theatre.

A Casting director always looks for the perfect match that would go with the character’s requirements.

Here is a very simple way to look at how the casting business works.

How does the Casting Directors Functions.
A Simple Flow Chart Showing the full functioning of the casting business.

it all Starts with the Production house. Production houses forward their requirements for the project to the Casting Agencies/Agents, now on the basis of these provisions they start hunting for the perfect match by conducting auditions, introduction.

(These audition and introductions can we open and closed both i.e they can search for fresh talents or they can call someone from their existing database)

When the searching process comes to an end then the finalized selections are further transmitted to the production houses for their final approval.

I hope now you have a clear idea of this casting process. Here is the list of top casting directors in Mumbai(2019) which you should not miss at any cost: Click here!

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