Dipanshu Chauhan


The young lad, Mr. Dipanshu Chauhan , who himself is an artist, is the Founder of BAG.

His vision is to provide every single piece of information for an artist who wants to try hands in acting, in a very effective and simplified way. This space comprises information helpful for one and all, be it a novice or a skilled actor.

What BAG Do

Bombay Actor’s Guide is a Media Production House and a Leading Digital Learning Space for Actors.

BAG focuses on providing detailed yet simplified information on an acting career, do’s and don’t, helpful resources, How-to guides, Acting exercises from world-famous acting coaches and everything else that a budding artist will need to grow. Besides that, inside story about getting accommodation, portfolio, contacts, networking and other essential things in Mumbai where every day hundreds of talented artists land with the dream of being an actor in their eyes.

From Building an effective portfolio to unleashing the artist within and exploring the deepest and most subtle art forms, we guide our artists on every aspect of their journey as a helping hand in an unknown terrain so that they can come out with flying colors.